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Why do I have to register my company with Orias or Regafi?
Why do I have to register my company with Orias or Regafi?
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As you know, our activity is regulated and subject to compliance with the Monetary and Financial Code, and as a new financial institution we do not yet accept all legal forms or all activities.

Qonto checks every activity of companies trying to open an account in accordance with this article.

If the activity of your company and / or your APE code are present in the list below, you must register your activity with Orias or Regafi:

  • Insurance (insurance broker, general agent or insurance representative)

  • Loans (Intermediary in Banking Operations and IOBSP Payment Services such as mortgage brokers and brokers in banking operations)

  • Financial investments (wealth management advisor or CIF, crypto-active)

  • Crowdfunding

👉 Indicative list of APE codes: 6419Z; 6430Z; 6491Z; 6492Z; 6499Z; 6511Z; 6512Z; 6520Z; 6530Z; 6611Z; 6612Z; 6619B; 6622Z; 6629Z; 6619B; 6629Z.

💡 You will only be able to use your company's Qonto account within the framework of a corporate activity, for example for the payment of salaries, the payment of invoices, etc. However, you cannot use your Qonto account to collect funds on behalf of third parties, a situation for which Qonto will close your account with 30 days' notice.

Why register my company ?

Banking and insurance activities may either give rise to an authorization or approval from the ACPR (to appear on the Regafi) or require registration with Orias to obtain their unique Orias number specific to each company.

❗️If we find that a Qonto account is being used for activities that should appear on the ORIAS and / or REGAFI website, we may make the decision to close the account with 30 days notice.

What if my APE code is 6630Z?

Customers registered under this APE code are management companies. As such, Qonto may open a payment account for your corporate expenses (eg: invoices, salaries, etc.) subject to management company approval from AMF Geco (Autorité des marchés financiers).

"The AMF is an independent public authority whose mission is to ensure the protection of savings invested in financial products, investor information and the proper functioning of the markets." Source

What is Orias (Organization for the register of insurance intermediaries)?

"The Orias is a register of insurance intermediaries, created in France in 2007 to identify general agents, insurance and reinsurance brokers, insurance agents or agents of insurance intermediaries. The register of intermediaries in insurance counts the natural or legal persons authorized to carry out the activity of insurance intermediation in France.

ORIAS ensures that all financial intermediaries are registered and meet specific compliance criteria. Registration is mandatory and carefully studied, which helps prevent fraud to policyholders.

Once registered via the official website of the organization, the single register can be consulted by all policyholders, borrowers and savers." Source

What is the Regafi (Register of financial agents)?

"The register of financial agents (Regafi) lists the companies, French or foreign, which have obtained from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) an authorization to exercise activities in France. It also lists the establishment agents French payment agency, operating both in France and in another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. " Source

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