To open a Qonto for cooperatives and associations, you need to have the following documents ready:

1 - Personal identity documents:

For President, Vice-President (if any), Secretary (if any), Treasurer (if any)

  • One valid identity documents - you can find the complete list of accepted documents here.

2 - Documents relating to the company:

  • Association bylaw.


  • Visura ordinaria no older than three months


  • Estract of RUNTS;


  • Certificate of assignment of fiscal code


  • Estract (or receipt) of registration in the category register (national register, regional register, onlus register, certificate of registration with CONI).

👉 NB. The associations that can currently open a Qonto are:

  • Associations of social promotion (APS);

  • Voluntary organisations (ODV);

  • Associations carrying out an activity of general interest under the ETS reform.

We are working to make it possible for associations not belonging to the Third Sector to open a Qonto.

👉 At the moment, associations between professionals, foundations, committees, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization - In English NGO) and public administrations or with public participation, as well as entities managed, coordinated or controlled by these entities cannot yet open a Qonto.

👉 If your registration concerns the local/provincial/regional seat of an association, remember to send us the by law of your seat and not the by law of the general seat.

👉 Only the President or a natural person expressly delegated by him can open a Qonto account in the name of the company (more information here).

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