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My account is not validated and my access is restricted, what should I do?
My account is not validated and my access is restricted, what should I do?
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🇫🇷 This English FAQ is addressed to French companies, if your company is German, Italian or Spanish, change the language of this FAQ to see the correct documentation.

You have just finalized your registration, you have your IBAN but your account is restricted.

Once your registration is finalized, you will automatically receive the IBAN attached to your account, but this does not mean that your account is operational.

💡 Indeed, as long as your account is not activated you will not be able to make outgoing transfers but you will only be able to receive incoming transfers. This is why, you can send the IBAN directly to your customers.

Why is my account restricted?

If the functionality of your account is restricted, there may be several reasons that will have been communicated to you by email. We therefore invite you, first of all, to check your mailbox.

  • We need a new photo of your ID/Passport.

    • The photo is of poor quality (pixelated, blurry, truncated document, in black and white).

    • The identity document has expired.

    • We are missing the front or back of your French identity card/residence permit or both pages of your passport.

    • We are missing the identity document of one of the beneficial owners of your company.

💡 How to take a good photo of your French identity card / passport / residence permit? it's here.

  • You must redo the identification video.

    • In order to confirm your identity, an email may be sent to you so that you can redo the identification video made during your registration. It's very simple and it will only take you a few minutes!

      Just follow the instructions that you will see appear on the screen. It is important to be alone on the video.

  • We need to verify your identity again with a Selfie.

    We need a final verification of your identity to protect your account from possible identity theft by sending a Selfie.

    💡 For your selfie to be admissible, it is very important to follow the instructions given in the email. If all items do not appear in the photo, we will not be able to activate your account and its functionality will remain blocked.

  • Share your geolocation.

    Don't forget to share your geolocation during registration.

  • We need a delegation of power.

    • You are the account holder but you are not the corporate officer of the company, so you will have to send us a delegation of power from the corporate officer to you as well as his identity document.

  • We need details about your business activity.

    • If the activity of your company corresponds to one of the following APE codes: 6419Z; 6430Z; 6491Z; 6492Z; 6499Z; 6511Z; 6512Z; 6520Z; 6530Z; 6611Z; 6612Z; 6619B; 6622Z; 6629Z; 6619B; 6629Z; 6630Z we will need further details from you.

Once all the documents have been received, we will activate your account as soon as possible and you will be able to take advantage of all its features. 🎉

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