How to track your customer invoices?
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You can create customer invoices directly on your interface (via your Qonto web app or phone) in just a few clicks to help you get paid faster and easier by your clients.

You can easily have visibility over your customer invoices payment status’ from the main invoicing page.

Tracking your customer invoices’ payment status will help you to have better control over your cash flow and keep an eye on when invoices are due. So that you can send reminders to your clients if necessary at the right time.

How to track my customer invoices?

From the Invoices screen, find the list of all invoices that are paid, to be paid, or canceled.

Each line corresponds to one invoice and displays its issue date, due date, status, and amount.

Click on an invoice to see more details, download it, or share it again with your client.

To simplify tracking even further, you can sort invoices by due date.

How to cancel a customer invoice?

Canceling an invoice may be necessary in some cases – for example, if it contains a mistake.

To cancel an invoice, click on it and then, on the red Cancel invoice button. Once it’s canceled, you’ll still be able to download it from the Canceled tab at the top of the main screen.

💻 Canceling and downloading invoices is only available via the web app.

How to verify my customer invoices’ payment status?

☝️ Important in case of multiple accounts : For the payment to be reconciled with the invoice, your customer should make the transfer to the IBAN indicated on the invoice.
You have two options:

  1. Automatic tracking: Qonto can detect when an invoice has been paid if the corresponding payment has the same reference number. In that case, its status will automatically change from To be paid to Paid.

  2. Manual tracking: You can also manually change the status of your invoice by clicking on an invoice and then, on the button Mark as paid.

    When you mark the invoice as paid, you have the possibility to match a transaction to it (click here to learn how).
    To change the invoice status from Paid to To be paid, you can click on the button Mark as To be paid which will unmatch any transactions on the invoice. Alternatively, if you unmatch all transactions on the invoice first, the invoice status will automatically change to To be paid.

💻 The manual tracking is available via the web app and mobile.

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