With Qonto you can easily track the status of your customer invoices and, once they have been paid to you, match them with the correspondent transactions.

Associate the invoice with the payment is crucial to keep your books accurate and it helps your revenue’s reporting.

How do I match my invoices with the incoming transactions?

From the Invoicing section, click on the Invoice you want to associate with an incoming transaction.

You will be displayed the invoice and, on the right hand side, click on “Mark as paid”. Now it’s time to match the invoice with the transaction by:

  • Typing the client name, the reference or the amount in the Search bar, or

  • Select the matching transaction from the recommended ones

If the customer paid you outside of Qonto, you can click on “Were you paid outside of Qonto?” and then enter the transaction’s date.

What can I do if I have multiple payments to match with the same invoice?

An invoice could be paid with more than 1 transactions. If this is your case, you can match different transactions with the same invoice.

Select the invoice, click the “+” button and follow the above instructions.

What can I do if I want to deleted the payment matched?

In case you want to delete a payment previously associated with one of your invoices, you can easily do it by clicking the “X” button next to the matched transaction.

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