How to match your invoices with incoming payments?
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With Qonto, you can easily track the status of your customer invoices and match them with their corresponding transaction when you mark them as paid.

This process allows keeping your books accurate and save time on your accounting.

You can match customer invoices and transactions automatically or manually. Read on to learn how to use each of these methods.

How can I automatically match invoices and incoming transactions?

Qonto can mark as paid and automatically match your invoice with an incoming transaction, if the corresponding bank transfer has at least one of the two following information in the reference field:

  1. Reference number: it can easily be found at the bottom of the invoice itself

  2. Invoice number: displayed at the top of your invoice.

We recommend you to tell to your clients to include them in the bank transfers.

💡 If you choose option 2: your invoices need to follow a certain pattern detailed in this article.

Please note that an invoice can be automatically matched only if it is fully paid. In case of multiple payments, you have to manually match and mark them as paid. See below how to manually match multiple payments.

☝️ Important in case of multiple accounts : For the payment to be reconciled with the invoice, your customer should make the transfer to the IBAN indicated on the invoice.

How can I manually match my invoices with the incoming transactions?

You can also manually mark invoices as paid and match them with an incoming transaction.

This is helpful if your client pays the invoice in multiple installments or if you are not paid by bank transfer.

💡 Manual matching is available via both web and mobile app.

From the Invoices section, go to Client Invoices and click on the invoice you want to associate with an incoming transaction.

You will be displayed the invoice and from the side panel click on Mark as paid.

Now it’s time to match the invoice with the transaction by:

  • Select the matching transaction from the recommended ones

  • If you don’t see your payments, type the client name, the reference, or the amount in the search bar

If the customer paid you outside Qonto, you can click on “Were you paid outside Qonto?” and then enter the transaction’s date.

What can I do if I have multiple payments to match with the same invoice?

An invoice could be paid with more than one transaction. If this is your case, you can match different transactions with the same invoice.

Select the invoice, click the + button and follow the above instructions.

What can I do if I want to delete the payment matched?

In case you want to delete a payment previously associated (automatically or manually) with one of your invoices, you can easily do it by clicking the X button next to the matched transaction.
If all the matched transactions are deleted, the invoice status will change back to To be paid.

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