What are multiple accounts?
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Since October 2020, at Qonto, you can have various current accounts with dedicated IBANs, bank statements and payment methods.

That's what we call multiple accounts.

How many accounts can I have?

If you have at least one Smart plan on our Solo offer or if you have chosen a plan in the Team offer, you can open multiple accounts based on your needs.

The following tables show you the maximum number of multiple accounts you can have depending on your plan (including your main account) :

Solo offer







Team offer






25 (additional charged)

For example, you can create multiple current accounts to:

  • Divide your expenses items and save some money

  • Separate the different activities your run in your company

  • Allocate budgets (and credit cards) to your teams

This way, you can keep an eye and manage your cash flow, as desired.

How can I create a new current account?

When you register on Qonto, you open a first current account. Then, directly from your Qonto app, you can create four other more.

To create a new current account, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Business account section of your Qonto web app, and click on Accounts

  2. Click on the Create account button

  3. Select the type of account (current or term deposit) and choose the name of your new account, and that's it!

☝️ Good to know: The name you have chosen will appear on your bank details and on your statements, you can read the following article to have more information How can I rename my Qonto current account? You can delete your new account at any time by following the few steps in our article How to close my Qonto account?

How does it work?

The answer is quite simple: no matter if you have one, two, or five current accounts, they all work the same way and offer the same features. Basically, you can make payments and receive money on each one of your accounts. In detail:

  • Order a new card

Click on Create a card in the Cards section. Choose between a physical or virtual card, then assign this card to one of your accounts. All the transactions made with this new card will be charged on this account.

  • Make a new transfer

Click on Make a transfer in the Transfers section. Select the account to debit, then choose your beneficiary among those registered, or enter new details. Confirm the transfer by entering your confirmation code. Do you want to transfer money to one of your current accounts? When it's time to choose your beneficiary, just click on the Your accounts tab, at your right, and select the account of your choice.

  • Set up a new SDD

If it's about a SEPA Core Direct Debit, go to the Accounts section of your Qonto app, choose on which account you want to set up the SDD, and download its IBAN. If it's about a SEPA Direct Debits B2B, click on Set up a new direct debit in the Direct Debits section, and upload your signed mandate with all the details (creditor and mandate). Select the account to debit and confirm your operation by entering your confirmation code.

  • Deposit a check

When you deposit a check from your Check deposits section, right after entering the check details, you just need to select the account of your choice, and your check will be cashed in and credited to this account.

✌️ Good to know: From the Accounts section of your Qonto app, access your IBANs and make current operations like transfers or direct debits simply by clicking on the different icons. Want to have a look at your transactions history? Just click on the card. Otherwise, directly from each section, you can filter on the account of your choice by clicking on All accounts.

Note: All your monthly fees for your subscription and off-subscription operations will be charged on your first Qonto current account. If you want to know more about your billing account, go to the Settings and Team section, and then click on Plan fees Overview.

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