How to open an account with Coinhouse?
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Widen your investment possibilities to make your cash surplus grow with crypto-assets.

  • With the partnership Qonto x Coinhouse, access new opportunities to make your cash work.

  • Diversify your investment portfolio to crypto-assets, alongside Coinhouse’s expertise.

  • Explore new investment possibilities safely: your funds remain secured at any time.

Coinhouse provides cryptocurrency management and transaction services from a computer, a tablet, or from its mobile app.

👆For more information: Discover the Qonto x Coinhouse offer here.
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Which products Coinhouse offers?

  • Crypto-wallet: the crypto-wallet allows you to send and receive crypto-currencies selected by Coinhouse such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Crypto savings account: the crypto-savings account allows you to invest in stablecoins with a guaranteed interest rate for 3 months. Stablecoins are a crypto-currency pegged to the euro or US Dollar.

  • Asset management: the asset management offer allows you to delegate the management of your crypto-wallet to an expert.

What are the perks Qonto customers have access to?

Invest with preferential rates :

  • Fees for buying or selling crypto-assets through bank transfers at preferential rates (2.49% vs 2.99%).


  • Dedicated training to build your own expertise on crypto (webinars).

  • Access to educational content: weekly newsletter on market trends.

  • Monthly investor playbook to guide you in your investment strategy.

👆 Keep in mind: The Qonto x Coinhouse offer will be valid one year after it has been activated. To keep enjoying the advantages of this offer, and even more, you will have to switch to a Business account. Qonto x Coinhouse is a commercial partnership, not an integration: there is no data exchange between Qonto and Coinhouse.

Who can open a Coinhouse account?

Only corporate officers and corporate officer representatives may open a Coinhouse account. The Qonto x Coinhouse offer is only available for Qonto clients having their headquarters in France, but it might change in the future.

What are the information and documents Coinhouse needs?

To open an account with Coinhouse, fill in your KBIS, company statutes, and the register of beneficial owners (UBO) of your company directly on our partner’s website. For investments of more than 10 000€, it will also be necessary to provide the Tax liability statement (last balance sheet in date).

Finally, you’ll have to communicate to Coinhouse your information and identity documents (CNI or passport, proof of address) and verify your identity by taking a selfie.

👆 Keep in mind: It will also be necessary to provide the identity document, a selfie and the proof of address of any shareholder with more than 25% of the capital of the company. If you’re declined to open an account, please contact Coinhouse’s support to understand why is that.

How to open a Coinhouse account?

Follow those three simple steps to open your Coinhouse account:

  1. Click here to activate the offer : this dedicated link will allow you to activate the Qonto x Coinhouse offer

  2. Create your Coinhouse account: full in the information and documents needed on our partner’s website

  3. Select the most adapted offer: a Coinhouse advisor will guide you to choose the investment strategy that suits the most your company

What are the fiscal consequences of investing in crypto-currencies as a company?

Since January 2019, in France, crypto-currencies are integrated into the income tax return in the category: “digital assets”. In case you have a doubt on how to integration your crypto-investments into your accounting, please contact your accountant or financial advisor for more information on tax treatment applicable to your case.

👆 Keep in mind: Our partner Coinhouse can also guide you by giving you access to webinars on the topic, so as by connecting you with a law practice for a free preliminary 30 minutes consultation with a tax lawyer.

How to contact Coinhouse’s support?

Coinhouse’s support is available to respond to every question you have regarding the usage of your Coinhouse account, from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM via:

👆 Keep in mind: Coinhouse’s support is available in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

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