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Can I open a Qonto account when my main business is in crypto-assets?
Can I open a Qonto account when my main business is in crypto-assets?
Updated over a week ago

If your main activity involves crypto-assets, and in particular if its corporate purpose is:

  • Keeping or accessing crypto-assets;

  • The purchase/sale of crypto-assets for legal tender;

  • The exchange of crypto-assets for other crypto-assets;

  • Operating a crypto-asset trading platform.

Then you can open an account with Qonto for your corporate expenses (e.g. salary payments, bill payments, etc.)!

⚠️ On the other hand, you cannot use your Qonto account to collect funds on behalf of third parties for activities related to your clients buying/selling crypto-assets, and/or operating a platform.

For the actors concerned, you must be registered or licensed to carry out your activities under local law (e.g. registration of PSAN with the AMF).

Finally, two important clarifications:

  • Clients whose main activity is to provide investment advice on crypto-assets or blockchain can also open an account with Qonto provided they are registered with the ORIAS.

  • Not all activities related to digital assets are allowed (mining, NFT, metaverse, blockchain...). Qonto will proceed to a case-by-case analysis. An additional analysis will be conducted by our compliance team, resulting in an extended delay (over 24h) for the processing of these registrations.

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