How to create and share draft invoice?
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When creating an invoice on Qonto, you can easily save it as a draft for later. Drafts can also be shared with clients as a proforma invoice so that they have all the details on hand before the final version is issued.

Remember, full access to invoicing is available for:

  • Smart, Premium, Essential, Business, and Enterprise plans (learn how to easily upgrade your plan here) *

  • Owner and Admin roles

To get started, log into your Qonto account from a desktop device and click on Invoicing on the navigation menu.

Saving a draft

From the Invoicing section, click on Create an invoice at the top of your screen. From there, start filling out the fields as indicated on the screen. To save a draft, you must at least:

  • Select an existing client or add a new one

  • Enter an invoice number

  • Enter an issue and due date

  • Add information about the products or services that you’re billing for (item name, quantity, unit price, and VAT rate)

  • Select which account you’d like to get paid in (if you have multiple accounts on Qonto)

When you’re ready, click on Save as draft at the bottom of the screen. Easily find all your saved drafts on the Drafts tab in the Invoicing section. To continue working on a draft, click on it and then, on Edit draft. To delete it permanently, click on Delete draft.

When you’re ready, you can easily convert your draft into an invoice. Make sure that all required fields are correctly filled in, click on Create invoice at the bottom of the screen, and confirm that your invoice is ready to be issued. You’ll then be able to send it to your client by email or link.

Sharing a draft

You can also send an invoice draft to your client. This provisional version, also known as a proforma invoice, can be useful if you want to share a proposal or confirm any details before issuing the final invoice. Sending a draft before issuing an invoice isn’t mandatory, doesn’t require any action from your client, and has no accounting effect.

To share a draft, click on Share draft at the bottom of the screen. From there, enter your client’s email address, customize your message, and click on Send email. If you prefer to share it via another channel, click on the button Copy document link and copy the link to your clipboard.

💡 Remember, a draft does not substitute a final invoice. When you’re ready to issue the final version, you can directly convert it into an invoice by clicking on Create invoice at the bottom of the screen.

💡 Basic plan subscribers can create up to two invoices for free before upgrading for full access to the invoicing tool.

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