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How can I have better visibility on missing receipts?
How can I have better visibility on missing receipts?
Updated over a week ago

Missing-receipt reminders are available on the Essential, Business, and Enterprise plans.

To declare their VAT, companies need to attach a (valid) receipt to each transaction. Qonto helps collect receipts thanks to weekly reminders sent to transaction initiators that have missing receipts. A weekly summary is also sent to the Account Holder and Admins.

💡 Receipts on Qonto hold probative value, which means companies no longer need to keep the paper receipts because digital receipts have the same legal value.

How can I visualize missing receipts?

In the Business account > History page under the Attachment column, Qonto users have access to their receipts’ attachment status for each transaction: Attached, Missing, or Not required.

To view only transactions with the Missing attachment status, click on the button Custom views, then on Missing receipts. Qonto users can also set up other custom views with additional filters, and filter their transactions without receipts by Member, Transaction type, or Tag for example.

For better visibility, every Friday, the Account Holder and Admins receive a recap email of the organization’s missing receipts, totaling the transactions without receipts for the past 7 and 30 days. They also access the associated monetary value for each, with a link to the in-app view of all missing receipts.

👆 At any time, the Account Holder and Admins can turn off automatic weekly summary.

How are my team and I reminded of missing receipts?

Any Account Holder, Admin, Manager, or Employee who has at least one missing receipt, will be reminded

  • by email: every Monday, a summary is sent with the number of transactions with missing receipts from the past 7 and 30 days;

  • by mobile notification: every Wednesday, a mobile notification is pushed to Qonto users who are missing more than 50% of receipts on transactions from the past 30 days.

👆 By default these reminders are activated. The Account Holder and Admins can turn them off at any time.

💡 The Account Holder and Admins can also manually remind employees to upload their receipts by simply clicking on Request attachment, on the transaction of their choice.

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