How does my card insurance work?
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Who is Qover?

Qover is the insurance provider - operating as an agent of the insurer. They arrange a group insurance policy for your benefit as a One, Plus or X cardholder. This policy is underwritten by AIG. Qover insurance provides coverage to the Qonto cardholder, starting January 1st 2023.

To consult the details of your card’s insurance coverage, you can download the terms and conditions here :

What type of transactions are covered by my card insurance?

All cardholders of physical cards automatically have access to insurance coverage. Qonto card transactions are covered by the user’s active coverage at the time of payment.

For insurance to apply, coverage must be active at the time of the transaction, and at the time of the incident that led to the claim.

You can compare card coverage options here.

What is my coverage level if I have different cards?

If you have more than one physical card in your name, you will automatically have the highest level of insurance coverage.

For example: if you have a One card and an X card in your name, from the same organization, your insurance coverage is the one of the X card. When your X card expires, your coverage will downgrade to the One card’s coverage plan (unless you order the X card again).

Do I have insurance on the virtual cards?

There's no insurance coverage with virtual cards, online advertising and Instant cards. However, if you also have a physical card in your name, you will benefit from its corresponding level of coverage for all your card transactions.

Can I pay an additional fee to get additional levels of insurance?

Today, if you want to get a better coverage for your card, you need to order a more premium card.

If you have a question about your insurance coverage, you can reach out to our insurance partner by:

  • submitting a request here

  • or by calling them at: (Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM).

    • FRANCE +33 1 82 88 03 95

    • GERMANY +49 800 7235087

    • ITALY +39 800 693 872

    • SPAIN +34 900 423 458

What is Caarl?

Caarl is an insurtech specialized in Legal Expenses Insurance and legal services. Caarl offer is available only for premium cardholders (PLUS and X cardholders) and allows you to book an online appointment of 30 minutes with a lawyer in the following legal fields:

  • Business Law (Business contracts, clients and supplier disputes, debt recollection...)

  • Corporate Law (Bylaws, Shareholders agreements, funding rounds, bankruptcy...)

  • Real Estate Law (Commercial leases, renting disputes, property transactions, business transfers, unpaid rent recollection...)

  • Labour Law (Employees dispute, union management, labour tax...)

  • Social Protection (Social security, health mutuals...)

  • Tax Law (VTA, real estate, tax inspection...)

  • Data Privacy (GDPR)

You can get up to 2 appointments per year if you own a PLUS card, and up to 5 appointments per year if you own an X card.

You can have all the details on this page:

👉 Consult one of our existing FAQs:

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