How can I upgrade my card?
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How can I upgrade my card?

You would like to change your One or Plus physical card for a more premium card to enjoy more benefits? You can upgrade your card to a more premium one in only four clicks, directly from the Cards section of your Qonto app, without having to worry about your old one.

How can I upgrade my card for a more premium one?

If you have one of the following roles on Qonto: Admin, Owner or Manager with authorization to manage cards; you can upgrade your card from your account.

For this, connect to your Qonto account on desktop:

  • Click on the Cards section and select the card you wish to replace

  • On the side panel that appears, click “Upgrade to a more premium card” and choose the card you would like to upgrade to: either the Plus or the X card.

  • Confirm the delivery address to send your new card to.

  • Confirm your order via Strong Customer Authentication on your paired device (more info here)

  • The new card appears on your Cards page 🎉

    The old one displays the mention “To be deleted on [date]”.

Which card will be active and when?

The new card will be active as soon as you’ve confirmed the order, both for online and physical payments (via Apple Pay and Google Pay). The PIN will stay the same as for your former card. More details on this article.

Your old card will automatically be canceled 1 month after your upgrade (on the same day of the following month). For instance, if you upgrade your Plus card to an X card on 14/06, the Plus card will stop being active on 14/07.

How will I be billed if I order the new card?

You won’t be charged for delivery of the new card.

To avoid paying for both your previous and upgraded cards, you won’t be billed for the new card until your previous card is automatically deactivated, which will happen 1 month after you upgrade. If you were paying for your card (Plus card or One card not included in the plan), you will keep paying its monthly subscription fee until the end of the month. If your old card is a One card and is free of charge, it will keep being free.

The new card will be billed at the beginning of the following month; in the meantime you’ll only pay for the old one.

For example:

  • You upgraded your Plus card to an X card on June 14

  • On July 1st, you will be charged for the Plus card for July, regardless of when it is deactivated

  • Your Plus card will be automatically deactivated on July 14

  • You will be charged for the X card for August, on August 1st

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