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How can I reimburse a team member for an expense they paid for with their own funds?
How can I reimburse a team member for an expense they paid for with their own funds?
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The Mileage reimbursements feature is only available to French companies on Business and Enterprise plans.

Mileage reimbursement allow team members to request or submit reimbursements when they incur expenses using personal vehicles for work-related travel. Reimbursement requests can be approved by Owners, Admins, and Managers with transfer permissions.

How do I know when a mileage reimbursement request has been submitted?

Owners, Admins, and Managers with transfer permissions enabled will receive an email and mobile notification as soon as a request has been submitted.

How can I approve or decline a mileage reimbursement request?

On desktop:

  1. Select the Team Expenses section on the left.

  2. Click on Reimbursements, then select any mileage request.

  3. Approve the request or Reject it, including a reason for rejection.

On mobile:

  1. Open the Qonto App on your device.

  2. Go to Menu > Requests > Mileage

  3. Tap Pay by transfer to approve the request or tap Reject, including a reason for the rejection.

Once the Mileage reimbursements request has been approved, the requestor will receive an instant reimbursement.

💡 The reimbursement amount is filled automatically based on the pre-defined rates in Qonto’s calculation system, using the location and vehicle details provided by the requester. They cannot manually add or edit the amount.

As an Owner, Admin, or Manager with transfer permissions enabled, how do I get reimbursed for a mileage expense?

To get reimbursed for a business mileage expense, Owners, Admins, or Managers with transfer permissions can follow the same procedure as above by approving their own submissions. They will then receive the reimbursement via an instant transfer.

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