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Creating my company with Qonto
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I have created a company with Qonto, what are the steps for registration?
I have created a company with Qonto, what are the steps for registration?
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You have already set up your company through our Company Creation service, now it's time to open your Qonto account! 🚀

At Qonto we want to help you save time and energy, so we offer you this guide to complete the registration process and get your account up and running as soon as possible.

To save time, you can prepare the following documents:

  • 📄 Form 036 of registration of the company that Finutive gave you.

  • 🏢 The name and CIF/NIF of your company. If you are a freelancer, your DNI or NIE number.

  • 👥 Your identity document (ID card, passport or Spanish residence permit).

We recommend that you have access to a smartphone during the register.

Here we go ⬇️

First, go to the website and click on the "Open an account" button at the top right of your screen.

First step:

Select the Spanish flag to have your file processed by the reference team;

Second step:

Choose the form of your company "freelancer" or "company with 1 to 9 employees";

Third and fourth step:

1. Enter the e-mail address you will use to log in when you connect to your Qonto interface;

2. Go to your inbox to retrieve the confirmation code, then enter it in the corresponding area;
❗️The confirmation code is only valid for 30 minutes.

3. Enter your company details (legal name, legal form, registration date and registration number), click on "Confirm" and enter the company address.;

💡You can find this data in the Identificación section of form 036 provided to you.

🤓 In registration date, add the start date of operations that appears in the Actividad section of form 036.

4. Tell us who you are.

◦ If you are the legal representative of the company, select your name and confirm your data.

◦ ❗️ If you are not the legal representative, you can open the account on behalf of someone who is. Have the identity document of the legal representative and the power of attorney authorizing you to open accounts on behalf of the company ready.

Visit the following article to find out who can open the account depending on the company's organization:

💡You can see who the legal representative of the company is in the Representantes section of your 036 form..

5. Enter your phone number;

6. In order for us to verify your identity, you must upload an identity document accepted by Qonto in color;

7. Make the identification video;

💡 To make it admissible, turn your head and read the numbers out loud. It is also important that you are alone in the video.

8. Enter your personal address;

9. Tell us if you are one of the beneficial owners of the company (beneficial owners are those who own more than 25% of the capital).

❗️If you are not the final beneficiary or there is more than one beneficiary in addition to you, it is essential to add the information of each one.

💡Once again, you will find who the beneficial owners are in the Relación de socios, miembros o participes section of form 036.

Tips - for the document to be admissible, we invite you to:

  • Take a photo of the DNI directly with your smartphone📱;

  • Do not use the flash to avoid light reflections;

  • The 4 corners of the document should be clearly visible, as well as all information.

  • If you have uploaded your Spanish passport as an identity document, the first two pages of the passport must be visible in the photo..

  • If you are registering as an Autónomo we recommend you to upload the Form 036. This way your account will be activated even faster.

Fifth step:

Choose the plan you have purchased. Remember that your Company Creation Pack includes an annual subscription, so make sure that the tab is checked.:

If you have purchased the Basic or Smart Pack, your plan can be found under the Self-employed tab.

On the other hand, if you have purchased the Essential Pack, you will find it under the 1 - 9 employees tab;

Sixth step:

Accept the terms and conditions of the contract;

Seventh step:

Choose the card that best suits your needs and start using your account.

Once you have received your IBAN, you can fund your account directly, with an instant or standard SEPA transfer, or even by card (on your computer).

Welcome to Qonto! 🎉

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