Can I cancel my transfer?
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After validating a transfer, the Admin still has the possibility to cancel it directly from the app (mobile and web) under certain conditions.

  • Scheduled transfers

You can schedule transfers to be executed at a specific date. If your transfer hasn't been executed yet, you can edit it or delete it. Once deleted, your transfer won't be initiated ever again.
👉 If the scheduled transfer is created through the Supplier Invoices section, the invoice related to this transfer will appear in the “Scheduled Payments” tab of the section.

Recurring transfers

A recurring transfer is scheduled to be executed every week or month. As long as the transfer appears in the upcoming transfers and it is not the day of its occurrence, you can delete it:

  1. Select the desired transfer, a box will open on your right

  2. Click on the 'Cancel' button in red

  • Pending orders

It's a transfer that has been validated but not executed yet. You still can edit or cancel this transfer (under some conditions).

☝️ Good to know: Have a look at this article to know how to cancel one of these transfers.

What is the cancellation deadline?

Every time that you make a transfer to a beneficiary who has an account with another bank, Qonto stores this information before sending it to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (this is where your funds are secured).

Transfer requests are communicated three times a day to ensure that your transactions are processed quickly.

Once Crédit Mutuel Arkéa collects the information, the transfer is already in progress.

You can cancel your transfer by yourself as long as Qonto has not asked Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to initiate the fund's movement to the beneficiary's bank.

This time can vary from a few minutes to a few hours depending at the time the transfer has been validated.

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