How to modify a SEPA mandate B2B?
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You can find all of your Core and B2B SEPA direct debits in the Direct debits section of your account

If you make a mistake while adding a new B2B SEPA mandate before the first presentation, you can modify all mandate information by accessing the Direct debits section in Business Account tab and then entering the right information.

🖥️ Modifying a direct debit mandate is only accessible from your Qonto application on your computer.

⚠️ If your Sepa Direct Debit has been Postponed because of a mistake in the Direct debit details, you will have to create a New Direct Debit Mandate.

Check that the following information: SEPA Creditor Identifier (ICS), the Unique Mandate Reference and the Type of Direct Debit correspond to the information entered on the mandate.

A frequent error is a "0" instead of an "O" by example.

You can suspend or reactivate it at any time.

There are two types of direct debits: Core and B2B SEPA direct debits. Find out more about how to differentiate them.

💡If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

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