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How to submit a transfer request?
Updated over a week ago

For Business and Enterprise plan users, our Requests feature allows team members to initiate only SEPA transfer requests on behalf of an Admin or Manager, who are notified and can approve or reject a demand in just a few clicks.

To submit a transfer request in euros, you need to fill all required information in the "Transfers" tab in the “Business account” of the main menu. Then click on the "Make a transfer" button on the top right side of your screen.

You will have 2 choices :

1- Upload an invoice

If you have an invoice, upload it right now!

  • The system will gather information on the invoice whenever it is possible (beneficiary / iban, amount, reference),

  • You will be able to modify any field, the account to debit, schedule a recurrence, send notification to the beneficiary, add bookeeping details.

2- I don’t have an invoice / Add transfer details

If you don’t have an invoice, follow this steps:

  • Go to SEPA transfers in euros

  • Choose or add a new beneficiary

  • Enter the information needed (account to debit / amount / category / reference)

  • Scheduling and recurrence allows you to define the date you want the transfer to be emitted, or choose a frequency if you wish to make it recurring

  • Attachment, if you want to add a supporting document to your transfer, or in case the amount exceeds 30,000 euros

  • Beneficiary notification, in case you want us to send an email to the beneficiary with transfer details

  • Bookkeeping details, which allows you to define beneficiary VAT rate, custom labels in case you have it in your price plan, and a note to remember what this transfer is about

  • Once you submit a transfer request, Admins and Managers will be notified by email and push notification.

Managers with the Whole company scope will also be able to make or initiate transfer requests to pay invoices in the Supplier Invoice section.

As soon as one of the Admins or Managers approves your pending request, it will be validated and executed the next morning. You will then be notified of the correct execution of your transfer by email.

In case of a change of plan or error, you can also cancel a transfer request (until your requests is approved by an Admin or Manager).

NB: Managers can only validate a transfer request only if it is within its monthly/per transfer limit, previously set by the Account Holder or an Administrator.

💡 If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

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