How do I set the PIN code of my Qonto card?
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The creation of the PIN code confirms the order of your Qonto card. Without your input, we will not be able to send your card. Remember it well because you will need it for your in-store payments and your withdrawals.

Note: For security reasons, the system does not accept the following combinations: 0000 (4 x zero) or 0243 (which begins with zero) or 1234 (too simple number sequences).

Are you Admin of your Qonto account or a Manager?

If you order a card for yourself, you have to set the PIN code at the moment of the order.

Are you an Employee?

If your card has been ordered by the admin of your account or your manager, you’ll receive an email including a link and instructions for you to choose your PIN code. If you haven’t submitted your proof of identity yet before setting your PIN code you will be required to have an approved proof of identity.

For security reasons, the order will be confirmed only after you have set the PIN code and your proof of identity is validated.

Once received, you will have to activate the card.

☝️ Good to know: your PIN code will be visible at any time from your Qonto web or mobile app, after you’ve activated the card.

From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards’, select your card and click on 'View PIN'. For more information, see or change your PIN code.

💡If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

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