How do I activate my Qonto card?
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I've just received my card, what do I do now?

Once ordered, you can immediately access a digital version of your new card through your Qonto app, more infos here.

Nevertheless, to finalize its activation, you have to activate its PIN code.

Why do I need to activate my PIN code?

Once you receive your physical card, using your PIN code for the first time (physical payment or withdrawal) will allow to fully activate your card in a secured way :

  • The contactless payments

  • The monthly payment limits above 20,000€ for PLUS and X card

💡 By downloading the mobile Qonto app you’ll have access to your PIN code at any time, so you can check when you have any doubt.

Depending on your Plan, the withdrawal can be billed 2€ excl. tax. You have the possibility to cancel the withdrawal after entering your PIN to avoid fees.

Good to know

  • You can customize the name of your cards to organize your expenses. 👉 How to customize my Qonto card name?

  • If the card has been set up for you, you can review at anytime the payment limits and options you have access to from your Cards section.

  • You can select your PIN following the instructions in the e-mail “Choose a PIN for your card 🔑” or going to Cards > Select the card > Click on Choose PIN code

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