Can I pay for an F24 with Qonto?
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With Qonto you can pay all your F24s, easily, quickly and securely. Check out this dedicated article to learn all the details!

☝🏻Good to know: compensation payments are possible only through the new I24 feature. You can find more information at the dedicated article.

Instead, you can make debit F24 payments in a few clicks directly through your interface via the section in the menu on the left.

Can my accountant also pay F24s with Qonto?

Yes: with Qonto, the process of paying F24s through an intermediary (such as an accountant) is simple and straightforward!

All you need to do is create read-only access to your accountant or other intermediary, so that they can pay all your F24s easily, thanks to an intuitive interface.

In fact, filling out your F24 form on the Qonto app can be done not only by the Owner or an Admin, but also by anyone who has access to your account in the role of Accountant.

💡 Please note: you do not need to activate the functionality for F24 payments. It is already available when you activate your account.

Can I delegate the payment of F24s to my accountant?

Yes, thanks to Qonto's integration with the Agenzia delle Entrate, you can delegate F24 payments to your accountant. This service is also known as I24.

For detailed information on the new I24 feature, feel free to consult the dedicated article Can I delegate F24 payments to my accountant?

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