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How to invite and manage team members within my Qonto account?
How to invite and manage team members within my Qonto account?
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Once your Qonto account is up and running, you can invite additional team members on Qonto and give them specific rights and permissions corresponding to their roles in the company and assign them to a team.

How to invite a new member to my Qonto account?

You can invite a new team member by following the few steps below.

  • From your web app: at the bottom left, click on User management > User access > Invite a team member.

  • From your mobile app: go to Menu > settings symbol “⚙️” > User management, and click on the "plus" symbol at the top right of the screen.

  1. Define a role for this member. To learn the details about each role, refer to What are the different roles available?

  2. Assign your new member to a team. If you have an Essential, Business or Enterprise plan, you can rename these teams, and create up to 100 teams attached to your company (more information).

  3. Finally, review and confirm the information. Once you have confirmed, an invitation email to join the account will be sent immediately to the email address you provided for your new member.

💡 When you invite a new team member with an Admin or a Manager role, he will be requested to register his personal information (birthdate, identity document, live identification through a selfie or video, and address). This set of security measures is required by law before a user can receive a payment card and manage his/her expenses.

💡 You can invite a user to Qonto again if he missed your first invitation email. To do so, you will find a "Re-send invitation" button on his user profile in your "Team" section.

How to disable or reactivate a member's access?

You might want to disable a member's access to your Qonto account when this person leaves your company, for example.

  1. From your web app, go to User management > User / Accountant access. From your mobile app, go to Menu > settings symbol “⚙️” > User access.

  2. Select the user's profile and use the Disable access button.

💡 If the disabled access was an additional member charged 5€ VAT excluded/month, you will be refunded automatically, prorated for the current month.

To reactivate the access, go back to the User / Accountant access section and select the user profile: you will be able to select the Enable access again button.

How to invite my Accountant to Qonto?

To invite your accountant, go to the Accountant access section.

By giving your accounting department access to Qonto, you make it easier for your accountant to complete value-added tasks for your business:

  • Check on the balance and export transactions with unlimited history

  • Collect and request all the spending receipts

  • Verify, comment, and sort out the transactions with labels, VAT rates, etc.

  • Request a transfer (for Business and Enterprise plan)

Since accountants have read-only access and cannot use payment cards, they are not required to complete the identity check. However, the procedure to invite them remains the same as any other role.

💡 Accountant access is available with every plan except Solo - Basic.

How to invite my Employee to Qonto?

Employee roles are not required to complete the identity checks by providing their identity document, they will still be able to make transfer and card requests.

However, they will be requested to register an identity document only when requesting a virtual card or getting a physical card. They can submit their document, at any time, through the app via their personal profile.

💡 If they are invited to change their role to Admin or Manager, they will need to verify their identity too.

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