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How can I create and edit a team on Qonto?

Mirror your organizational structure on Qonto to easily visualize all your employees expenses and analyze activity per team.

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Teams editing is only available for Essential, Business and Enterprise plans. Solo Smart and Premium can assign one of Qonto's 8 preset teams to their member(s).

To create or edit a team, log in to your web app, go to User management, in the bottom left corner and click on Team management.

👆 Good to know: On mobile, Teams can be accessed, but not edited.

Create a team

  1. Click on + Create team in the top right corner of the screen

  2. Enter your team name and validate your entry by clicking on Create new team

  3. Add existing members to the team or invite new members on Qonto from the User access tab. You can alternatively add a member with the Manager role to a team and let her/him built the team!

Adding a member with a Manager role enables you to delegate pre-defined actions and permissions to a unique member and for a selected team. Feel free to review this page to better understand the difference between the Employee and Manager role.

👆 Good to know: You can create up to 100 teams on Qonto and add one manager per team.

Rename a team

  1. Click on three dots "..." in the top right corner of the card of the team you want to edit

  2. Click on Rename team

  3. Enter and confirm your new team name by clicking on Rename

The change will immediately be reflected on existing members of the edited team.

Delete a team

  1. Ensure the Team you want to delete has no Team Member

  2. Click on three dots "..." in the top right corner of the card of the team you want to edit

  3. Click on Delete team

  4. Confirm by clicking on Delete

👆 Good to know: In order to delete a team, all team members must be assigned to another team beforehand from the User access tab.

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