Qonto is offering a billing method based on a monthly calendar period, from beginning to end of the month.

How will I pay my monthly subscription?

We'll charge you directly from your Qonto account. That’s why your account balance should be higher than your monthly charges.

To know how much your monthly subscription is going to cost you, click here.

What happens if Qonto can't charge me?

💡 Today, Qonto has made the choice not to apply penalty fees on your overdue payments, as other institutions do.

In case of an insufficient balance, Qonto will not be able to charge your account, and you will be notified of a "payment failure." The fees are then categorized as pending until you top up your account

There are 2 different cases:

  • We cannot charge on the first day of the month, but the fees will be paid during the same month

If, after topping up, you have enough funds to settle the entire fee, Qonto will charge you automatically for the entire fee. For example, you have a pending fee of €9, and you added €10 to your account. You will no longer have pending fees.

  • We cannot charge on the 1st day of the month and those fees are not paid during the current month

In this case, you will have pending charges at the beginning of the next month. However, to avoid many pending charges, Qonto will attempt to collect all or part of the remaining monthly fees that are more than one month old on the 1st of each month.

When will I be charged?

In addition to your monthly subscription, we charge your additional fees (off-subscription operations and extra cards, if needed). Our billing works this way:

  • At the beginning of each month, we charge your subscription and your extra cards and members.

  • During the month, we charge your additional fees (off-subscription operations).

  • On the 1st of each month, your invoice is available in your Qonto app with all your fees details you have to pay for last month (your subscription, your extra cards, and the additional fees).

☝️ Good to know: if you opened an account for an existing company during the month, your invoice will be available 30 days after your account opening. For example, the first invoice of an account opened on 15/10 for an existing company, will be available on 15/11. The next invoices will then be available every 1st of the month.

To download your invoices, please check the article Where do I find my invoices?

How to find the details of my fees?

You can have complementary information on all Qonto fees from your history view, by clicking on the transaction line.

Moreover, if you wish to see the details of your charges during the current month, you can go to Settings & Tools > Account settings > Price plan details.

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