At Qonto, you are billed monthly, from beginning to end of the month.

How will I pay my monthly subscription?

We'll charge you directly from your Qonto account. That’s why your account balance should be higher than your monthly charges.

To know how much your monthly subscription is going to cost you, click here.

What happens if Qonto can't charge me?

In case of an insufficient balance, Qonto will not be able to charge your account, and you will be notified of a "payment failure."

Payment failure events are cumulative and will be stored awaiting future payment. As soon as the balance is sufficient, Qonto will charge your account with the total amount of unpaid fees.

For example, if we can't charge your Basic plan subscription fees for 2 consecutive months (= €18 excl. VAT), then you will be charged retroactively as soon as your balance reached a sufficient amount (superior to €18 excl. VAT in this case).

When will I be charged?

In addition to your monthly subscription, we charge your additional fees (off-subscription operations and extra cards, if needed). Our billing works this way:

  • At the beginning of each month, we charge your subscription and your extra cards.

  • During the month, we charge your additional fees (off-subscription operations).

  • On the 5th of each month, your invoice is available in your Qonto app with all your fees details (your subscription, your extra cards, and the additional fees) for last month.

Where can I find my invoice?

Web access

  1. Click on your organization name and select Settings & Team

  2. Then go to the Subscription & Invoices tab

  3. You can upload your documents from the Invoices section.

Mobile access

  1. Click on the transaction of your choice

  2. Then click on "Invoice"

  3. You'll find you invoice attached.

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