Why can’t I create multiple accounts?

Organizations registered in Germany, Spain and Italy only. 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇮🇹

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This article only applies to companies registered in Germany, Spain, and Italy with a Smart, Premium, or Team plan.

If you are a Smart, Premium, or Team plan customer from a German, Italian or Spanish organization, and you created your account before we introduced local IBANs to foreign companies, here is why you currently cannot create multiple accounts.

👆Good to know : This article only addresses questions relating to Qonto sub-accounts. If you'd like to know more about managing your external accounts visible in Qonto, we invite you to go here.

Why is the creation of new accounts blocked?

The multi-accounts feature allows you to create up to five current accounts with dedicated IBANs and payment methods. Today, these accounts are automatically created with an IBAN from your country. For instance, if your Qonto account is registered as German, you can only create new accounts with a German IBAN. It is the same for Spanish and Italian companies.

Since February 2020 for Italy and Spain, and June 2020 for Germany, Qonto customers creating new bank accounts are getting a local IBAN assigned by default.

If you opened your main current account with Qonto before these dates, you were automatically assigned a French IBAN. Just because at the time, we could not provide you with a local IBAN according to your company’s nationality.

Unfortunately, as of today, Qonto does not support IBANs from different countries within the same Qonto account.

It means that if you have a main current account with a French IBAN, you cannot have other ones with a German, Spanish or Italian IBAN.

What options do I have?

You can create a new Qonto account, so you’ll have a local IBAN, and close your account with FR IBAN. That way, you’ll be able to use the multiple accounts feature.

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