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Can I create multiple accounts for my company / association?
Can I create multiple accounts for my company / association?
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🇫🇷 This English FAQ is addressed to French companies, if your company is German, Italian or Spanish, change the language of this FAQ to see the correct documentation.

One account per organization

At Qonto, each company or association can only have one account. We base ourselves on the SIREN number (9 digits), and not on the SIRET number (14 digits). Thus, there cannot be several accounts for the same SIREN number, ie for the same organization.

What is the difference between SIREN and SIRET?

The SIREN number (Company Directory Identification System) consists of 9 digits and identifies the company as an entity. It is a unique code that will remain the same throughout the life of the company.

The SIRET number (System of Identification of the Directory of Establishments) is composed of 14 digits and allows each establishment of the company to be identified.

Each SIRET is thus linked to a specific address.

Creation of duplicate accounts

However, thanks to the multiple accounts feature, you can quite easily have, on the same account, several sub-accounts with dedicated IBANs, as well as account statements and means of payment specific to each of these sub-accounts.

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