Why was my check rejected?
Updated over a week ago

If we were unable to cash your check, here are a few reasons that may explain this rejection:

  • The check must be made out to the name of your company, the same name as the one on your Qonto account. If the check is made out to your company's commercial name that does not appear on your Qonto account, you can request addition of your commercial name to your account by following this procedure. Then all your future checks can be credited.

  • All references of the check must be correctly completed (payee name, date, place, amount in number and letter, signature)

  • The cheque must not be crossed out (errors, modifications).

  • Check must be endorsed (signed on the back)

The rejected check will be shortly sent to the mailing address on record in your Qonto account. Our team will contact you soon by email to inform you of the reason for the rejection of this check as well as the tracking number of the mail.

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