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On the day we begin verification of your check (check status processing), it will be credited to your account:

  • Within 7 working days for a check of an amount less than or equal to €1000 (as part of random verifications, this period may be extended up to 15 working days).

  • Within 15 working days for a check in the amount above 1000 €.

You can follow each step of your check processing from the section ‘Business Account’, click on in the “Checks”.

  • "Pending check reception": You have entered your check correctly, you must now send it by mail.

Attention☝️: Upon receipt of your check, our team carries out verifications before it can be processed. This period is usually 2 to 4 business days before its status changes to “processing”.

  • "Processing" :Your cheque has been taken over, controls are in progress. It will be credited shortly.

We are aware that these delays may not be appropriate for your activity. However, they are necessary in order for us to carry out all the audits.

Also, if it is possible, we invite you to opt for instant transfers over checks, as instant transfers will allow you to be credited within 10 seconds.

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