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What does the 'Cash Flow' graph on my dashboard represent?
What does the 'Cash Flow' graph on my dashboard represent?
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When to use?

  • I want to validate the effect of seasonality on my business, suspecting a drop in activity in summer for example

  • I want to understand the impact of recruiting a sales agent at the beginning of the year, between the cost and the business he or she brings in.


Cash flow is the distributed evolution of your cash inflows and outflows over time.

👆 Good to know: internal transfers are not included in the charts when All accounts is selected.


Cash flow is illustrated as a bar chart with a green bar for inflows and a red bar for outflows, for each month.

A purple line will show the account balance. For the current month, the curve will be a dotted line illustrating that the month is not yet over.

👆 Good to know: This curve may temporarily fall below the horizontal axis. This can happen in the case of a month in which you have more expenses than money coming in.


You can change the period studied, to the current year, or the last 12 months.

👆 Good to know: Here you can move your mouse over two types of elements:

  • The sticks, both red and green. Hovering your mouse over it will make cash flows related information about each stick appear.

  • The month itself, which will show you a summary of the month you are focusing on.

On mobile, scroll horizontally on the chart in order to see the month you want to explore, and click on it to see the details.

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