What do the four indicators in my dashboard represent?
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When to use?

  • I want to know how much money I have in my account, to know if I can buy equipment.

  • I want to compare my expenses this month with those of last month, to see if my efforts to save money are successful.


These four graphs allow you to discover at a glance:

  • Your available balance, i.e. the money you have in your account

  • Your cash flow variations, which represents the difference between your income and your expenditure (aka cashburn)

  • Your Inflows, which is the money you have earned

  • Your Outflows, which is what you spent

👆 Good to know: internal transfers are not included in the charts when All accounts is selected.


Each graph in this section takes the form of a curve, with a vertical axis (the amount, in euros), and a horizontal axis (the period studied, in days, weeks or months).

Whatever the period you choose, the amount displayed at the top left of each graph corresponds to the timeframe selected.


For each graph, you can choose the period you would like to explore further.

In case you want to have an even deeper understanding of your flows thanks to your Inflows and Outflows charts, you can filter your transactions comparing different criteria. To know more, go to this article.

👆 Good to know: When you hover over a curve or a line, you can see the details of your indicator, over the given period. For example, if you hover over your Outflows chart, set to 'last 30 days', you will be able to read the number of transactions that took place on that day, as well as the total amount these transactions represent.

On mobile, the same process applies for your first 4 charts. Hold your finger on the screen and drag it to the date you want to explore in order to get more details.

To find out more about your dashboard, click here:

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