How long does it take to receive a card ?
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Qonto physical cards are sent through tracked mail for One/Plus cards in France, and through DHL for X (Metal) cards and cards sent in Europe.

From the reception of the confirmation email "Your card is on the way" the delivery times are approximately:

  • 2 to 5 business days for the delivery of a One/Plus card for France

  • 24h to 48h business days for the delivery of an X card in France and One/Plus/X cards in Europe

In the DOM-TOM and outside Europe, the delivery times can go beyond 5 working days. Please also note that delivery times may be extended by a few days by La Poste or DHL and not Qonto.

Those periods apply from the moment the card order is validated.

In the case of a new account creation, the card order validation will only be effective from the moment the account is validated.

👆 Good to know: Postal tracking is available about 24 hours after the email confirmation of the card shipment.

If you have not received your card within the maximum period announced, do not hesitate to contact us by starting a chat from your Qonto app.

☝️ For any delivery outside the European Union - including DOM-TOM, customs fees may apply. We invite you to contact our customer service.

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