With your Qonto account, you can get virtual & physical Mastercard cards. Please note that only admins and primary owners can perform this action.

A two-step validation is required to finalize the order.

To order a card, go to the Cards section, click on the Create card button located in the top right corner of your interface, and follow these steps:

  • Choose the type of card, physical or virtual, that fits your needs
  • Name the (future) cardholder
  • Set the parameters of your card as you see fit (don't worry, you can modify these settings at any time)
  • Set your payment and withdrawals limits
  • Choose your delivery address (for physical cards) and find out when you should receive it
  • Set your PIN code (make sure you remember it because you'll need it for your in-store payments and your withdrawals) to confirm the cardholder
  • Enter the confirmation code sent by SMS
  • Your card has been ordered 🎉

☝️ Good to know: If you order a card for another member, the process is the same. We will just send him an email to create his own PIN code.

Choosing a PIN code is necessary to confirm the card creation.

Ordering an X card?

To confirm your X card order, top-up your Qonto account first through a simple bank transfer (from another account you hold). Once received, you can use your X card for your payments online or in-store and enjoy all its benefits and services.

Note: This does not apply to One and Plus cards.

Card activation

Virtual cards are effective a few minutes after their creation.

Physical cards have to be activated before you can use them. Our cards are sent:

  • with mail tracking for One and Plus cards
  • via DHL services for our X card

✌️ Good to know: Postal tracking is available 24 hours after initiating the order. You can follow the journey of your card to your mailbox at any time from the Cards section of your application.

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