With your Qonto account, you can get physical, virtual or Flash* Mastercard cards. Please note that only account holders, admins, and managers can perform this action.

💡 If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your paired phone. If not, a 2-step-validation is required to finalize the order.

From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards' and ‘Create Card’ located in the top right corner :

  • Choose the type of card (physical or virtual) that fits your needs ;

  • Name the (future) cardholder ;

  • Set the parameters of your card (you'll be able to modify these settings at any time) ;

  • Set your payment and withdrawals limits ;

  • Set days of use and spending categories (optional)

  • Choose your delivery address (for physical cards). It will be selected by the person in charge of creating the card. They can be sent to :

    • to the cardholder's personal address;

    • to the company's headquarters;

    • to a personalized address.

  • Set your pin code
    🚨 Remember your PIN code well. This code will be requested to completely activate the card (For more information, here is the activation procedure).

You can view your PIN at anytime from your desktop or mobile app after the card activation (in the Cards section, select your card and click on “View PIN”).

  • Enter the confirmation code sent by SMS ;

  • Your card has been ordered 🎉

☝️ Good to know: For security reasons, a card order is finalized only when the PIN code has been defined by its owner. If you order a card for another person, the process is the same, but this person will be invited by email to define their PIN code themselves.

For more information on how to set your PIN code, please read the dedicated article : How do I set the PIN code of my Qonto card?

For virtual and Flash cards, no need to wait ! They are activated as soon as they're created and enable you to make online payments as well as physical payments by adding them to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

An employee can now submit virtual or Flash card requests from the web or mobile application to their team Manager, Admin or Owner.* 👉 How can I submit a card request?

*only for Business and Enterprise packages

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