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The Manager role is available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

The Manager role enables company owners and finance leaders to easily delegate specific actions to their managers or office managers, entrusting them to be in charge of their team's or other business spending.

This role is customizable: permissions are defined for each Manager individually, so they can see and do only what the Admin or Account Holder has decided.

☝️ Only Admins or the Account Holder have the right to invite Managers. Check out this article to see how to invite a new member on Qonto. Once invited, the Manager needs to go through the identity validation process to access Qonto.

What is the scope of permissions for a Manager?

Depending on how much they want to delegate, the Admin or the Account Holder selects the scope of permissions for each Manager.

This defines the scope on the Whole company level or on a Team level including seeing all transactions, managing payments, inviting Employees, and accessing


💡 You need to create a team on Qonto before assigning a Manager to a team.

What permissions can be delegated to a Manager?

Each Manager role comes with permissions set uniquely for this role and person. Admins & the Account Holder decide individually what permissions they want to give to each one.

Permissions can be defined around:

  • Expense management: manage card, enter and approve transfers (within the limits set beforehand), direct debits, and checks;

  • Team management (invite and revoke employees within their scope of permissions)

  • Financial monitoring (see account balance, IBAN, transaction history, and export statements) (available only on the ‘whole company’ scope)

👆 Managers can have access to all company account, or no account. They cannot have access to only certain accounts.

  • Bookkeeping (collect and request receipts, verify transactions, manage suppliers and custom labels)

👆 Managers created before the customization was available, have the same permissions as before: all permissions are activated, except for ‘See balance’.

At any moment, Admins and the Account Holder can change a Manager’s permissions or uninvite Managers. They need to Edit permissions on Qonto’s Manager profiles or click on Disable access on the profile.

Permissions that can’t be given:

❌ Invite all types of team members: Admins, Managers, and Accountants

❌ Change roles status for themselves and other users

❌ Edit subscription

❌ Set up and manage multi-accounts
❌ Set up and manage third-party tools via Connect integrations

❌ Access to the supplier invoices section

But Admins can do these actions.

👆Want to learn more about which permissions you should give to your employees?

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