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How to retrieve supplier invoices from the Sistema di Interscambio “SDI” on Qonto?
How to retrieve supplier invoices from the Sistema di Interscambio “SDI” on Qonto?
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☝️Please note that this feature is only for our Italian customers.

To centralize and pay your supplier invoices directly in Qonto, you can automatically import the invoices issued by your suppliers from the Sistema di Interscambio (SDI). Full access of this feature is available for:

  • Smart, Premium, Essential, Business, and Enterprise plans (to find out how to change your current plan, click here)

  • Users with Owner or Admin roles

How to connect Qonto with the SDI?

To issue or receive e-invoices on Qonto, e-invoicing must have been activated on your account (if you haven’t activated it yet, click here to learn how). The setup process can be completed in less than one minute, only needs to be done once per organization, and will allow you to manage all your e-invoicing directly on Qonto.

You can then login with your credentials on the Agenzia delle Entrate website and enter Qonto’s Codice Destinatario (9SUB64Q) on the section labeled Fatture e Corrispettivi. You can also share Qonto’s Codice Destinatario directly with your suppliers.

Where can I manage the supplier invoices imported from the SDI?

Log into your Qonto account, click on Invoices in the navigation menu; then, click on Supplier invoices from the dropdown menu.

You can then access, pay and manage all your invoices - directly from this section. (Learn more)

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