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What additional information should my customer quote include?
What additional information should my customer quote include?
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Depending on your location and legal form, it may be necessary for your customer quotes to contain certain additional information, in addition to the fields that you must fill in when creating a customer quote. This additional information can be related to your business, the product, or service that you provided, your customer, and/or the payment conditions.

To see country-specific requirements, you can check these pages for France 🇫🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹

Mandatory fields

The content of the quote may differ according to the specificity of the service envisaged. But as a minimum, it must mention:

  • the date of the quote

  • the name and address of the company

  • the name of the client

  • the start date and duration of the service, if applicable

  • a detailed breakdown of each service and product, in quantity and unit price

  • The cost of labour, if applicable (hour * hourly rate)

  • travel expenses, if any

  • the total amount to be paid excluding tax and including all taxes

  • Indication of the delivery date of the service or goods

  • Validity duration of the quote

  • Some professionals must indicate their professional liability insurance

You can easily add additional information to your quote by using the text box labeled Additional notes at the bottom of the “Create a quote” page. The information that you enter here will appear at the bottom of your quote, and we’ll automatically save it so that you can easily reuse it on your next quote if needed.

🎉 All good? Take one final look, click on Save quote to create it, and send it to your client by email.

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