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I want to deposit the share capital of my new company with Qonto, what do I need to do?
I want to deposit the share capital of my new company with Qonto, what do I need to do?
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If the incorporation meeting with the notary will take place in person, and you’ve decided to deposit the share capital of your company being created via transfer to Qonto, you’ll have – as future company director – a temporary account in your name at your disposal, dedicated to the share capital deposit of all shareholders.

The temporary account will be available as soon as you complete your Qonto registration and your identity is verified. We will send the account details and instructions for making the deposit via email.

Once the capital deposit is completed, you’ll receive the deposit statement, which you can use to schedule an appointment with your notary and complete the bureaucratic procedures to finalize your company creation.

💡 The deposit statement is a fundamental document to certify that the share capital has been effectively deposited and to finalize your company creation. This document, along with the receipts issued by the issuing bank for the individual transfers made by the company's shareholders, is necessary for signing the act of incorporation (atto costitutivo) with the notary.

I have the documents signed by the notary, how can I proceed with the opening of my company's business account?

Once the signing of the act of incorporation (atto costitutivo) and the bylaws of your company at the notary is completed, you just need to email us a signed and stamped copy of these documents to [email protected].

Our team will verify your documents, and will get back to you within the next 48 hours. Why does Qonto perform a regulatory check?

☝️ After verifying your company documents, we’ll release the entire amount of your share capital directly to your business account, which will become operational immediately.

Are there other shareholders in your company besides yourself?

Along with the act of incorporation and the bylaws, make sure to attach to your email a photo of the identity documents of your company’s beneficial owners. Why does Qonto need to identify the ultimate beneficial owners of my company?

💡 Ensure that the photos comply with our security criteria: How to take a good picture of your identity card / passport / residence permit?

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