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Do You Want to Deposit Your Company's Capital? Qonto Offers a Simplified Solution in Partnership with Your Certified Public Accountant.
Do You Want to Deposit Your Company's Capital? Qonto Offers a Simplified Solution in Partnership with Your Certified Public Accountant.

A Turnkey Solution to Launch Your Business in 1 Week.

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Can you really complete your capital deposit in just one week? Yes, with Qonto. Certified Public Accountants can initiate the capital deposit on behalf of their business-creating clients.

1- Getting Started

Your dedicated capital deposit journey can be started by clicking right here.

Before you begin, make sure you meet the following conditions: ✅ You are a Certified Public Accountant, accredited by the tax administration (a verification will be carried out to confirm this eligibility). ✅ The legal form of the company is accepted by Qonto (Single shareholder company: SASU, EURL, …). ✅ Your client meets our eligibility conditions.

If you're an accountant and not yet a partner, feel free to join our program here.

2- Provide Us with Your and Your Client's Information

Accountants, you will need to provide us with the necessary information for your client's registration as well as your professional information.

Regarding your certified accounting activity:

  • Your first and last name,

  • Your contact email address,

  • The trade name of your firm,

  • Your SIRET registration number.

Regarding your client's company:

  • Information about your client (name, surname, date of birth, domicile, email address),

  • Information about the company (corporate name, legal form, registered office address, capital amount),

  • The draft by-laws.

3 - Account Holder Registration

The registration on Qonto must be continued by the account holder and the unique shareholder, who will receive an invitation by email. This redirect to the Qonto site saves you time, as we directly collect the documents and information you have previously provided for your client.

1 - Click on the link received by email to access your registration area.

2 - Confirm your email address with a code.

3 - Follow the steps, fill in your information and choose the plan suited for your Qonto account creation.

Once you have signed your contract, we will receive your complete file. It will be checked by our dedicated team within 24 business hours.

4 - Verification of the Registration and Capital Deposit

If everything is in order, once the file is validated, you will move on to the capital deposit step. Otherwise, additional information or documents may be requested.

5 - Signing Your Deposit Certificate

Once the funds are received, verified, and validated, we will send the account holder a deposit request by email to be signed digitally.

The deposit certificate will be issued by our notary within 12 business hours:

  • An original digital version of the Deposit Certificate: which will be sent by email to both the account holder and the accountant within 12 business hours after receiving the deposit request signature.

  • An original paper version of the Deposit Certificate: which will be sent by postal mail to the sole partner's personal address within 7 business days from the reception of your share capital.

💡 Receiving the deposit certificate is necessary before proceeding with the signing of the statutes and the publication of the legal notice.

6 - Registration

The crucial step of registration is made easier through the collaboration between Qonto, your accountant, and the registration services, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

Upon obtaining your KBIS, the Qonto account holder must submit a valid incorporation proof directly on the Qonto interface (accessible only by the account holder).

You can also send it following our exchanges, or by contacting us directly at [email protected].

Upon receipt of this, the official sign of your company's creation, we will finalize the setup of your business account within a maximum of three days.

7 - Account Validation

Has your KBIS been validated by our service? You can then fully enjoy Qonto's services for the daily management of your company, with the peace of mind that your creation procedures have been handled efficiently and effortlessly.

Once the request for the release of your share capital is received by the notary, the funds are credited to your Qonto account within 72 business hours. 🎉

Most Common Questions

What happens if my accounting activity is not eligible? If your activity is not validated, you can still accompany your client by assisting them in making their capital deposit through our standard process.

As a business creator, I want to facilitate my capital deposit with the support of an accountant, how can I find one? We collaborate with numerous accountants who will be delighted to assist you in your business creation process. Find the one that suits you directly on Qonto here.

Is it possible to create my company through this process with more than one shareholder? We hope to soon offer the possibility to initiate your capital deposit in collaboration with your accountant for a company with more than one shareholder. However, it is already possible to do so independently with Qonto through our standard process.

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