With Qonto, you can attach a receipt to all your transactions, directly from your Qonto apps.

Since December 2020, Qonto keeps and certifies your uploaded receipts with probative value. What does it mean? In detail, it means that your paper and digital receipts have exactly the same legal value. Take a look at this article to know more about it.

How does it work?

Here is what you have to do to upload a receipt on your Qonto app:

  1. Go to the History section

  2. Click on the transaction of your choice and have a look at the Receipts section on your right

  3. Upload your file in the small box under Receipts and voilà!

☝️ Good to know: an Admin of your Qonto account or a Manager? Keep in mind that you can ask your team members to upload an attachment by simply clicking on Request attachment, on the transaction of your choice.

What can I do if I lost my receipt?

Don't worry, it can happen to the best of us! To be sure this receipt won't be requested anymore, you can report it as lost, in the History section of your Qonto app. First, click on the transaction of your choice, then on the icon displayed at the right of the Receipts section, and finally on Receipt lost.

How to delete a receipt?

You've already attached a receipt to your transaction but want to delete it? It's easy! Just click on the icon at the right of your file, and confirm your choice by clicking on Delete.

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