How can I visualize my teams on Qonto?

Mirror your organizational structure on Qonto and make more informed decisions by monitoring your teams activity separately, in real time.

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👆 Teams visualization is only available for Team Advanced, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans.

Allocating the right teams to your members can drastically simplify the monitoring and analysis of your company spending in real time.

It also enables you to delegate pre-defined financial and administrative tasks to your team leaders thanks to the Manager role.

Team set up

Visualize the history of transactions performed by all the members of a selected team, and track their use of cards in a few clicks.

  1. Edit your teams to accurately mirror your organizational structure on Qonto

  2. Invite members and assign them a role as well as a team

  3. Alternatively, let your team leaders built their own teams! Add a member with the Manager role to an empty team and let her/him invite and manage the team.

💡 As a reminder, adding a member with a Manager role enables you to delegate a pre-defined set of actions and permissions to a member for a selected team.

Filters by team

As an admin or an owner, you can easily visualize, review and analyze each team's activity thanks to dedicated filters in the Members, History and Cards tabs.

  • Click on the wallet icon (first one) on the bottom left corner of a card to filter your History and access all the transactions of members in the selected team

  • Click on the card icon (second one) to visualize all the Cards assigned the members of the selected team

👆 Good to know: Filters can also be accessed directly from the Members, History and Cards sections.

Roles and permissions

All teams can be accessed and edited by both owners and admins of organizations with a Team plan.

A member with a Manager role can also visualize the Members, History and Cards of the team she/he has been assigned to.

👆 Good to know: Only one member with a Manager role can be added in each Team.

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