Why was my card blocked?
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You have blocked your 3D Secure (3DS) access

When you make a 3DS payment, it must be validated either by a security code received by SMS, or by validation via your mobile application if you have enabled Strong Customer Authentication.

After three unsuccessful attempts, your card may be blocked.

In order to unblock it:

  • From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards'

  • Select the relevant card

  • Click the “unblock” option at the bottom right of the page.

You will then have to validate the unblocking by a confidential code received by SMS or via a strong authentication from your phone.

If you are an employee, you need the validation of your Admin or Manager.

☝️ If the card still blocked, you will need to contact our support from your interface.

You have blocked your PIN

If you have entered 3 wrong PIN when withdrawing or when performing a physical payment, the status of your card becomes “PIN blocked”.

You will need to follow the process to change your PIN here.

☝️ Upon receipt of your card, if you do not remember the first PIN defined during the order, it won't be possible, for security reasons, to request a reset.

In this case, you will have to delete this card and order a new one.

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