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How can I filter and compare transactions in my dashboard?
How can I filter and compare transactions in my dashboard?
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The dashboard helps you visualize and understand your cash flow. With advanced filters, you can combine several criteria to create a customized analysis in just a few clicks, and therefore increase the granularity of your cash-flow analysis.

  • What type of project or mission is the least profitable with a given client? Detect it, and stop it in order to save time.

  • Which client brings you the most revenue in a given industry? Find it and go hunting for similar prospects!

This feature is accessible for Smart, Premium, Business and Enterprise plans, and for Owner, Admin, Reporting roles.

How does it work?

Advanced filters follow the same logic as history filters. You select one criteria or more, and link them with AND (1 and the other) or OR (1 or the other).

👆 Good to know: this is only applicable for Inflows, Outflows, Inflows by and Outflows by charts. You won’t be able to filter your Cash Balance, Change in Cash, and Flow chart graphs.

Let’s pick an example:

Wondering how your company’s expenses in gas stations are split over your sales team members? The ‘Ouflows by’ chart, at the bottom right of your Dashboard page will help you answer this question.

Step 1: In your web app, click on Dashboard, in the Cashflow management section of the menu, on the left hand side of your screen.

Step 2: Click on the settings icon at the top right of your Outflows by chart

Step 3: Add your 2 criteria, and link them:

  • Create your 1st criteria
    Here we want to select the ‘sales team’, among all other teams, in order to only pick their transactions

    • Filter category, like ‘Team’

    • Behavior: ‘is any of’

    • Filter value: ‘Sales’

  • Link this first criteria with the next one

    • AND

  • Create your 2nd criteria

    Now, among all the sales team transactions, we only want to get those related to gas stations

    • Filter category: ‘Category’

    • Behavior: ‘is any of’ (automatically set)

    • Filter value: ‘Gas stations’

Step 4: On the chart itself (above the filters part of the screen), change the element you want the chart to show in the title from Category — which is the default state — to Team member in order to get access by team member. It acts as a ‘group by’.

The chart now displays the split of expenses, for the Gas station category only, between each member of the Sales team (and then you can see Brad, Thomas, Simon, Aurélien for example).

Step 5: Click on the Apply button, at the bottom of the screen (below all your filters). You will go back to the Dashboard page. As the filter is active on your chart, there is a small dot on the ‘filters’ icon.

Step 6: Analyze and act, like buying train cards for the employees who spend the most on gas

👆 Good to know: Want to remove a filter? Click again on the icon, and then on Remove all criteria

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