How can Qonto make accounting easier?
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Here are some time-saving accounting best practices you can apply to make your life - and your accountants - easier!

  • Attach a copy of your receipts to each transaction, directly from your web or mobile app, to centralize and retrieve all your receipts at any time in Qonto. They are stored and certified with probative value, to be consulted or shared without a time limit.

  • Validate the suggested VAT rate for each transaction, or manually add the applicable rate to simplify your VAT calculations. You can go even further by using multiple accounts to set aside amounts due!

  • Set up and assign custom labels to your transactions to simplify the tracking and analysis of your expenses (labels by country, by customer, by team, etc.), and thus easily prepare your cost accounting.

  • Filter your transactions directly in Qonto or find all the information associated with your transactions in your exports, for even more advanced financial analysis.

  • Export your account statements as well as your receipts in one click, or grant "read-only" access to your accountant so that he or she can view your transactions, download your statements and access your receipts independently.

  • Add invoices even before the payment occurs to gain visibility on your payables and avoid losing invoices etc.

💡 Good to know: You can automate the entry of the VAT rate and labels for your recurring suppliers by adding this information directly to your payees.

Moreover, Qonto is already integrated with many accounting tools like Pennylane, Compta Clementine, Dougs, and many others, so you or your accountant can find all your financial information directly in the accounting production tool, in real-time. Find the full list of apps on our FAQ page Which apps can automatically retrieve my transactions?

💡Note: The different features available differ depending on your package and country. Indeed, the Basic package (9€ HT) includes access to your unlimited transaction history and the scanning of receipts without certifying value. However, only the Smart, Premium, Essential, Business, Enterprise, Pack Smart and Pack Essential packages include advanced accounting functionalities (email transfer and certification of receipts, personalized labels, accounting access, supplier management, etc.).

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