How is the access to my account secured?

Password, Strong Customer Authentication, 2-step validation, 3D-Secure

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Account access securing is an essential matter for us, and implies the use of different methods.

🔐 Secured login password

To log in to your account and carry out non-critical operations, you must use a password of at least 9 characters.

Opt for a strong and unique password for each of your online accounts. Avoid birthdates, your pet's name, or simple number sequences like "12345..." or "0000...".

💡 Tip: use_A_long_sentence1.

Also remember to change your password regularly.

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📲 Strong Customer Authentication (for your sensitive operations)

In compliance with the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is often required when using your Qonto account.

Strong Customer Authentication secures the most sensitive transactions carried out on your Qonto account, whether by you or by members of your team. It relies on the validation of a notification on the phone associated with the account, guaranteeing the origin and legitimacy of the transaction.

It's important to note that only one phone can be associated per profile.

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⚠️ Important: to continue using your Qonto account normally, you must opt for Strong Customer Authentication. If you have not yet done so, please follow these steps to set it up.

💬 The 2-step verification (SMS)

The 2-Step verification, also known as 2-factor authentication (2FA), is a step prior to activating Strong Customer Authentication on your Qonto account. It relies on sending validation codes by SMS.

It is not enough on its own to properly protect your account.

⚠️ To get around the two-factors authentication, fraudsters can impersonate their victim to their phone operator, in order to retrieve the line's SIM card. This technique, known as SIM swapping, enables them to receive all the security codes linked to their victim's account directly on their own phone. This is why we apply Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for all sensitive account actions, and not 2FA.

👉 For more information : What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

💳 3D-Secure (for your online transactions)

3D Secure is a security protocol for online card transactions that adds an authentication step for the cardholder, reducing the risk of fraud.

Following the second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), online transactions must now be secured by strong authentication (SCA). Therefore, the 3DS protocol has been enhanced, and a version 2 compliant with these requirements has been introduced.

Qonto payment cards benefit from this system thanks to our partnership with Mastercard.

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For any question on the securing of the access to your account, we invite you to consult the different articles listed above, or to contact us directly by chat from your Qonto app !

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