How is the access to my account secured?

Password, Strong Customer Authentication, 2-step validation, 3D-Secure

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Account access securing is an essential matter for us, and implies the use of different methods.

🔐 Secured password (for the connection to your account)

The connection to your account, as well as the realization of non-critical operations, are conditioned to the use of a secured password (checked when you chose it).

📲 Strong Customer Authentication (for your sensitive operations)

Over the use of your Qonto account, a strong authentication will sometimes be required for all the users (no matter their permissions), in case of sensitive operations such as transfer emitting, or the creation of a new card.

Strong authentication, or Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), is currently used for most of Qonto accounts, and matches the requirements of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

It is based on the pairing of your phone to your Qonto account. Only one phone per profile can be paired.

If you haven't paired your phone to your Qonto account yet, you're probably still using 2-step verification or 2-factor authentication (validation code reception by SMS).

This method doesn't allow having the same securing level as strong authentication, however it is necessary for its activation.

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If you haven't yet configured strong authentication, we highly recommend doing so, in order to benefit from this more secured and recent method ! 🙌

💳 3D-Secure (for your online transactions)

Since May 2021, every single online transaction is compulsorily subject to a verification through the 3D-Secure system (3DS).

Still following the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a more advanced version of 3DS was recently deployed : 3DSv2.

In order to ensure you an optimal protection, Qonto has integrated the use of 3DSv2 thanks to the necessary deployment of strong authentication, through the pairing of your phone to your Qonto account (see above).

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For any question on the securing of the access to your account, we invite you to consult the different articles listed above, or to contact us directly by chat from your Qonto app ! 😊

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