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What documents do I have available on Qonto?
What documents do I have available on Qonto?
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On your Qonto interface you already have all the documents you need:

  • Bank details, as actual proof that you have an account with us, click here to find out how to download them;

  • The list of transactions, in different formats and with accurate filters so you can process a specific document, find more details here;

  • The transfer execution receipt, to prove to your customers that a transfer was correctly executed on their behalf, complete with end-to-end tracking code. You have instructions on how to download it here;

  • Account statements, which are the official documents evidencing all transactions that occurred on your account in a given month; you can find more information about them on this article;

  • Electronic invoices/credit notes created through the Qonto application that you can send to your customers. Learn more here;

  • Electronic invoices received on the Qonto interface, to share with your accountant for example. Go to the dedicated section to learn all about this feature;

  • Your account's monthly rate invoices, useful for tax purposes. To retrieve them follow the specific guide. Please also note that these are not electronic invoices so they are not visible on your tax drawer;

  • Receipts for your F24s, paid through Qonto. Click here to see how to download them;

  • Receipts of payments made through PagoPA, should you need them for public administration. Here's the article with all the information about it for you.

I need a specific document stamped by Qonto, how can I do it?

Except in a few specific cases, the Qonto team will not be able to stamp, complete, or certify documents that do not come from Qonto.

However, we are able to provide you with some certificates if those already available are not sufficient.

The documents that Qonto provides you with are strictly confidential, so they cannot be changed in either content or structure.

Here's a list of certificates we can provide if you contact us via chat:

  • Payment Account Statement, a certificate equivalent to bank references, which as you may know we are unable to provide to you as a payment institution;

  • Certificate of receipt of funds, should you need to certify receipt of an incoming transfer;

  • Certificate for card transactions, should you need to certify a transaction made with a Qonto card to a specific merchant.

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