What are the different Qonto cards ?
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Qonto provides physical and virtual Mastercard debit cards (you can have up to 5 of each if desired). These cards must be attached to a real user of Qonto and can be configured to meet their specific needs. Online payments, contactless payments or payments with PIN code entry, your Qonto card allows you to make payments everywhere in the world.

Qonto physical cards

Our physical cards can be used immediately after creation for all kinds of payments, in-store or online ⚡️ More infos here.

To initiate the order of a physical card, go to the section ‘Business Account’ go to the click on ‘Cards’ and on ‘Create Card’.

💡 Once you receive your physical card, using your PIN code for the first time (physical payment or withdraw) will allow to fully activate your card in a secured way :

  • The contactless payments

  • The monthly payment limits above 20,000€ for PLUS and X card

One Card

One cards are free and included in your package. Then 5€/month (excl. tax) spent the number of cards included in the package

  • Mastercard Business Debit

  • Pay up to €20,000 per calendar month

  • Withdraw up to €1,000 per calendar month

  • Unlimited and free payment in Europe

  • 2€ (excl. VAT) / withdrawal

  • 2% foreign exchange commission on non-euro payments (and no fixed fees)

Plus Card

€6 / month (excl. tax)

  • Mastercard World Debit

  • Pay up to €40,000 per calendar month

  • Withdraw up to €2,000 per calendar month

  • Unlimited and free payment in Europe

  • 5 free withdrawals then 2€ (excl. VAT) / withdrawal

  • 1% foreign exchange commission on non-euro payments (and no fixed fees)

  • Benefit from advanced card insurance. More info here

X Card

€20 / month (excl. tax)

  • Mastercard World Debit

  • Benefit from a 0% foreign exchange commission on non-euro payments (and no fixed fees)

  • Pay up to

    • €200,000 per calendar month if you are enrolled SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

    • €60 000 per month if you haven’t activate your SCA. We strongly advise you to activate this strong authentification, following these steps : How to pair my phone with my Qonto account?

  • Withdraw up to €3,000 for free, per calendar month

    (💡 If you are registered to a german account, you can benefit from higher withdrawal limits. Please klick here for more information.)

  • Take full advantage of a concierge service available 7 days a week

  • Access airport lounges

  • Benefit from Qonto’s most exclusive card insurance. More info here

✌️ Good to know: To confirm the order of an X card, you need to first top-up your Qonto account through a simple bank transfer. Find how to do it right here.

Qonto virtual cards

The virtual card can be included in your package or charged 2€ (excl. tax) / month. They allow you to make online payments up to €20,000 per calendar month.

Our virtual cards are perfect for you if you want:

  • A card for all your online & in stores (with Apple Pay and ****Google Pay)

  • Empower your team members to control their expenses while giving them autonomy

  • Flexibility and immediacy

  • To track your purchase easily ((business trips, subscriptions, office supplies...)

Qonto Online advertising cards

Online advertising card are virtual cards specifically designed to help you manage your marketing campaigns across top ads platforms and merchants like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other.

With online advertising cards:

  • you won’t have to worry about your campaigns getting blocked due to running out of funds or exceeding your budget thanks to high spending limits (€200,000/month, or more upon request and approval*)

  • you will have flexible controls, and efficient delegation options for your team.

👆 Good to know: If you can only set a maximum payment limit of €20,000 per month, then it means that you haven’t enabled Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) yet. SCA provides an additional layer of protection by pairing your account to a device and you can set it up easily by following these steps.

Qonto Instant cards**

Instant cards are temporary virtual cards. They are ideal for teams’ one-off expenses. No need to share a card or pay out-of-pocket!

Instant card allow you to:

  • Set a budget and a duration specific to a need: single purchase, team lunch, business trip, or any punctual request.

  • Pay online or offline by adding it to Google Pay / Apple Pay

  • Be maintenance free! Instant card expires automatically at the date chosen.

☝️ Good to know: Virtual cards are free and unlimited for Smart, Premium, Business (Advanced) and Enterprise plans. If you want to know more about our subscriptions and its benefits, click here.

Can I own different cards ?

Of course! You can cumulate virtual, physical and Instant cards.*

  • Available on Business (Advanced) and Enterprise plans only

*Subject to eligibility criteria

**Available on Business (Advanced) and Enterprise plans only.

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