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How do you manage your receipts over time in your Qonto account?
How do you manage your receipts over time in your Qonto account?
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With Qonto, you have the ability to attach a receipt to each of your transactions, directly from your web or mobile app.

As of December 2020, receipts deposited on your Qonto app are stored and certified as evidence from the Smart plan. What does this mean? Quite simply, your paper receipts and digitalized receipts have the exact same legal value. You are therefore free of paper receipts, while remaining in compliance with the law and the administrations concerned. Take a look at this article to learn more.

As an added bonus, to make entering VAT information easier and more secure, businesses with a Smart, Premium, Essential, Business or Enterprise plan can enjoy automatic VAT detection when adding their receipts to the Qonto account. The Qonto algorithm detects the amount and rate of VAT applied on the receipts and pre-enters the information in the interface. We explain everything here.

How to associate a receipt to my transactions?

To deposit a customer or supplier invoice on your Qonto application, you have two options:

  1. From the mobile application, take a picture of your receipt, select the corresponding transaction in the History tab and click on Add under the heading Receipts.

  2. From your computer, in the navigation menu, click on Business account and select the Transactions section. Choose the transaction in question, then look at the Receipts section on the right. In the little box under Receipts, drop your file and you're done!

If you are an Owner or Administrator and have a Smart, Premium, Essential, Business or Enterprise plan, you can also add your supplier invoices:

  1. From your Supplier Invoices space by importing all the invoices of your choice, paid or to be paid, using the Add an invoice button

  2. From your mailbox, by transferring directly your supplier invoices to your Qonto e-mail address unique to your company

  3. From your online storage space, automatically importing all your invoices by connecting your account to Google Drive or Dropbox.

  4. The Account holder and team members are reminded every week to upload their receipts if they have some transactions without attachments. (available only for Team plans, more details here)

👆 All invoices already paid and imported via any of these three methods are automatically associated with the correct transactions in your Transaction section.

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